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Erotica excerpt: “Rapunzel” by Jacqueline Applebee

October 11, 2010

This erotica excerpt is from the story “Rapunzel” by Jacqueline Applebee from
Smooth: Erotic Stories for Women.

“I’ve got some restraints if you like. You can use the handcuffs I made last week.”
“Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll be fine.”

Ash looked at me once more. Through the curtain of my hair I saw him nod.

“I’ll make a start then.” He fished into a pocket on his apron. He pulled out a large hairbrush. “Kneel.”

This was something I could understand, something I was familiar with. Suddenly I didn’t feel so scared. A simple order to submit was what I lived for. I folded myself down and knelt on the bare wooden floor. Ash stood behind me. He clutched a handful of my hair, pulling me back roughly. I gasped; the tug was a trigger of pleasure for me. I felt my skin flush with blood as I became aroused. My clit pulsed between my legs, hungry for sensation. I shuddered from my head right down to my toes. I leaned into Ash’s grip, but he stilled my movements.

“Rapunzel,” he whispered. “Let down your hair.” Ash swept the brush through my locks in a series of long strokes. My hair shone and my heart sang. I was literally purring by the time I counted to fifty. As if in a fog, I heard Ash’s voice above me. “Ready?” he asked.

“Yes.” I bowed my head as he delved into his pocket once more. This time he held up an oversized rubber band. His hands carefully pulled and stroked my hair into a single ponytail, which he secured efficiently.
I closed my eyes and breathed out, but I refused to look at the next item Ash produced. I knew he held the shears now; I could feel the cold radiate from the metal as it neared my face. I felt like I was waiting for my turn at the guillotine in revolutionary France.

Jacqueline Applebee ( breaks down barriers with smut. Jacqueline’s stories have appeared in various anthologies and websites, including Cleansheets, Best Women’s Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Where the Girls Are and Girl Crazy.

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